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Deluxe Portable PickleNet System

SKU: AP3500


With the Deluxe Portable Picklenet patent pending system, players can enjoy pickleball on any flat surface. The Deluxe Portable PickleNet System includes wheels for easy maneuverability. Made from a powder-coated steel net system in official pickleball specified net height (34") and width (22'). Center-strap design for consistent height. Adjustment straps on net edge for excellent net tension. Fast and easy assembly. Made from heavy 420D nylonIn, our PickleNet bag features a durable zipper, carry straps, and internal sections to make portable net storage easier than ever. The Deluxe Portable PickleNet System is now new and improved with the below features added Features: The PickleNet Deluxe has a new flat rectangular center strap in place of the round dowel. The PickleNet Deluxe will now have a more durable, scratch-resistant finish on gray poles instead of the smooth black poles. Function and use of the PickleNet Deluxe does not change, just an aesthetic difference in the finish, logo color on the net sleeve, and a different center strap support. Please Note: due to the new rectangular strap, the replacement net for the original system and the replacement net for the new system will NOT be interchangeable. Patent Pending. WARNING: Please do not leave this product outside for extended periods. Although it is intended for outdoor use, we suggest that it is stored indoors and not exposed to the outside elements. Our net systems are made of powder coated steel, and although they are rust resistant, they are not rust proof. We do not warranty our products that are left outside for extended periods.