Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I do if I have product questions or problems trying to process my order?

Call us or email us and we are happy to answer any questions you have and even process your order over the phone.

Dinkshot Pickleball
1400 NW 13th Avenue
Pompano Beach, FL 33069


Prefer to text us?

7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST

What payment options are available?

Payment Options

  • Credit or Debit (master card, visa, discover)
  • Mailed check
  • Wire transfer
  • Cash (at warehouse only)

Net 30 terms available (terms available upon approved credit application)

Do you offer bulk pricing?

Yes, please call us to see if special pricing is available on large orders.

Can product pricing or shipping costs change?

Dinkshot Pickleball does our best to make sure all pricing and shipping rates are up to date and accurate. However, Dinkshot Pickleball reserves the right to cancel the order and or notify the purchaser if the cost or shipping rates originally quoted were not accurate.

Do you price match?

We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality tennis court products at the lowest possible prices. We believe our prices are highly competitive. In most cases, our prices should be the lowest around. However, we recognize that from time to time you may be able to locate our products at slightly lower prices. If this does happen, give us a call and we will make every effort to beat any reputable competitor's price!

How do I return or exchange an item?

We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality tennis court products available. We hope that every product you receive from us will meet your expectations. However, we realize there may be instances when you need to return an item.

If the product you purchased arrives damaged, the claim will be made against the carrier. If possible, receipt of the goods should be refused if the package is obviously damaged.

All returns require authorization from Dinkshot Pickleball. If you need to return an item you have purchased from us, please call us and let us know within 24 hours of receipt of shipment. If we authorize a return, you will be issued a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#).

All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Shipping charges related to return of merchandise are the customer's responsibility.

Custom orders may not be cancelled or returned and require pre-payment.

Replacement liability for all products is as specified by the manufacturer's warranty. All materials and supplies remain the property of Dinkshot Pickleball until paid for in full.

What are my shipping options?

We can ship products anywhere in the US or outside of the US through your freight forwarder.

All listed prices are F.O.B. shipping point. This means that the product prices listed on our website do not include the cost of shipping the product from our warehouse to your location.

We keep most of the products that we sell in stock in our warehouses. This means that we will be able to ship most orders the same day they are received, provided they are received before 1:00 p.m. EST.

We ship most products via FedEx Ground. Shipping times will vary from next day to 5 days, depending on your location.

Items that are large in dimensional size or weight will be shipped via a less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier such as Estes Freight or Yellow Freight. We will always obtain at least two shipping quotes to ensure you are getting the best shipping rate available. Be sure to let us know if the shipment will be going to a residential address or if you will need “lift gate” service on your LTL shipment to drop your product from the truck to the ground.

Most orders for Har-Tru or Florida Blend Fast-Dry surfacing are shipped on pallets via flatbed truck to your location. You will need to have a forklift available at your location to unload the pallets if you choose this shipment method. If you are located in Florida, we can arrange for one of our company-owned trucks to make the delivery. Our trucks are equipped with piggyback forklifts, which allow us to place the material for you at your location.

  • All prices are FOB shipping point.
  • Terms are Net 30 days, 1.5% on late balances.
  • Returns require Dinkshot Pickleball authorization, 20% restocking fee applies and notice of return must be given within 24 hours of receipt of goods.
  • Shipping charges on returns are buyer's responsibility.
  • Buyer must make claim against carrier for damaged goods upon receipt.
  • Custom orders may not be cancelled or returned and may require pre-payment. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Replacement liability as specified by manufacturer's warranty.
  • All materials and supplies remain the property of Dinkshot Pickleball until paid for in full.
  • All text, diagrams, photos and descriptions on this website ( and ( are the property of Dinkshot Pickleball. These materials may not be copied or used without the express written consent of Dinkshot Pickleball. Any unauthorized use of the text, diagrams, photos or descriptions of this website material will be subject to legal action.

Do you sell merchandise for sports other than Pickleball?

We do! In addition to tennis court supplies we also sell other equipment through our sister company 10-S Tennis Supply. They sell tennis equipment, bocce equipment, basketball equipment, volleyball equipment, table tennis equipment, shuffleboard equipment, bleachers and water fountains.See our Products page for more information.

Do you build and repair Pickleball Courts?

Yes! We have a sister company, Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. ( that builds new Pickleball courts. They also repairs/resurfaces existing Pickleball courts throughout Florida and the Caribbean. We also work with a network of court contractors around the country. Please visit our construction website for more details.

How do you measure windscreens?

In order to purchase custom sized windscreens, you need to first have the measurements of the fences where they will be installed.

We have put together this easy to follow guide to help you through the process.

You can also see our instructional video on windscreen measuring in the Instructional Videos page of our website.

Which type of windscreen should I purchase for my facility?

There are four basic decisions that you have to make when it comes to deciding which type of windscreen to purchase.

  • DIY (Do it Yourself) cut-to-size on site windscreen or Custom cut tennis windscreen
  • Open mesh windscreen or closed mesh windscreen
  • Material type/grade (polyethylene, polypropylene, vinyl coated polyester or heavy duty vinyl coated polyester)
  • Color (dark green, black or custom)

The first decision you need to make is to determine if DIY (Do it Yourself) cut-to-size on site windscreens or custom tennis windscreens are better for your facility. DIY windscreens are sold in large, folded pieces. These pieces are 6' or 9' in height by 120' or 150' in length. The advantage to DIY windscreens is that you do not need to know the exact dimension of the fencing prior to placing your order. You simply roll out as much windscreen as you need (10', 20', 30' etc.) and then use a utility knife or razor to cut the windscreen. Our DIY windscreens are available with grommets in the top and bottom of the screen to make installation easier. DIY windscreens are also less expensive than custom cut windscreens.

Custom cut windscreens are made at the factory to exactly fit the dimensions of your fencing. You provide us with the height and the length of the screen you need and we have the windscreens manufactured at exactly those dimensions. The big advantage to custom windscreens is that they look fantastic and provide a very professional appearance to your facility. All four sides of the screens are bound and include brass grommets for easy installation. However, there are few downsides to custom windscreens. First, you need to take the time and effort to measure the fence before you can order your screens. We have included this easy to follow guide to make this process easier, but it still takes effort. Second, custom windscreens are more expensive than DIY windscreens.

The second decision that you need to make when determining the best windscreen for your facility is whether an open mesh windscreen or a closed mesh windscreen is more appropriate for your facility. Most windscreens are purchased in order to (a) provide a good backdrop to visually pick up the ball (b) provide some protection from the wind (c) provide a small measure of privacy for the court. For most tennis court applications, an open mesh windscreen is ideal. Open mesh windscreens provide 70%-80% visual and wind block and provide an excellent visual backdrop for the tennis ball. If you are purchasing windscreen to block out an unsightly area or to provide a high degree of privacy, a closed mesh windscreen is probably more appropriate. Closed mesh windscreens provide 90% to 100% visual and wind block. These windscreens will provide a higher level of privacy. However, they cannot be used in very windy areas as they exert too much pressure on the fencing.

The third decision you need to make when determining the best windscreen for your facility is what material type/grade of windscreen is most appropriate for your facility. All DIY cut-on-site windscreens are made from the same type of material – polyethylene. If you have decided to purchase cut-to-size rolled windscreen, you simply need to determine whether you would like a 73% shade factor (10-Shade) or 95% shade factor (Enviroscreen). The 10-Shade products are generally used for typical tennis applications whereas Enviroscreen is generally used for privacy or block-out screen. If you have decided to purchase a custom-cut windscreen, you will need to choose between polypropylene, vinyl-coated polyester (Tenn-Air/VCP) or heavy-duty vinyl-coated polyester (ProScreen/Tuffy). Polypropylene is the lowest cost custom-cut windscreen available. It is very popular with schools and cost conscious municipalities and works well in heavy wind areas. It is not as attractive as the higher grade vinyl coated polyester windscreens because the linear weave of the product is visible. Vinyl-coated polyester is the workhorse of the custom-cut windscreen class. It is very popular throughout the Midwest and in many resort and country club applications. These products look great and work well. The top-of-the-line custom cut windscreens are the heavy-duty vinyl coated polester windscreens – ProScreen and Tuffy. These windscreens last the longest and were specially designed to stand up to the sun and humidity experienced in the southeast, particularly Florida. This heavier material also hangs really nicely on the fencing and is the choice of most high end country clubs, resorts, condominiums and private homeowners.

The last choice you need to make when determining the best windscreen for your facility is color. Most windscreens come in two standard colors – dark green and black. Dark green is the most popular color, but Black has made big inroads in the last few years as many new tennis courts are built with black fencing. Depending on the product chosen, other colors (blue, red, orange) may be available.

What is the best hardware for hanging windscreens (Ty-Raps, Plastic Snaps, or Rope)?

We recommend the use of 50 lb. breaking strength ty-raps for most windscreen installations. High winds can cause damage to windscreens and fences. 50 lb. breaking strength ty-raps are designed to break with high winds. This releases the windscreen from the fence, preventing structural damage to the fence.

Some facilities use plastic snaps along the top of the windscreen and 50 lb. ty-raps around the sides and bottom of the windscreen. This arrangement allows the ties to break on the sides and bottom in high winds, releasing some of the pressure on the fence.

Rope is generally not recommended as an exclusive fastening agent for a windscreen for the reasons listed above. If rope is used to attach windscreens to the fence and high winds are experienced, the windscreen may act as a sail and bring the entire fence down.

It is permissible to use rope along the middle of a 9' windscreen to attach the anti-billow tab to the fence, provided 50 lb. breaking strength ty-raps are used along the top, bottom and sides of the windscreen.

See our instructional video on windscreen installation in the Instructional Videos page of our website.

What is the difference between a Seamless Rol-Dri water remover and a Master Rol-Dri water remover?

The primary difference between these two products is the roller material. The Seamless Unit and Seamless Replacement are made with a spongy, grey material. The Master Unit and Master Replacement are made with a more durable, blue polyvinylalcohol (PVA) material. The PVA material holds up better over time and does a better job pushing the water off of the court.

What do I need to do to prepare for an impending hurricane?

Hurricanes can pose a real problem for tennis facilities in the southeastern coastal states, including Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. We recommend that you take the following steps to prepare for an impending hurricane:

  • If possible, label, remove and store your windscreen.
  • If it is not practical to remove your windscreen or you don't have adequate storage, cut the ty-raps along the top and bottom of the windscreen, roll your windscreen to the middle of the fence and fasten with rope. This will reduce the stress on your tennis fencing.
  • Order plenty of extra windscreen ty-raps, fastening rope and snaps.
  • Remove all tennis nets.
  • If possible, remove cabana awnings.
  • Remove all loose court benches and chairs from cabanas or viewing areas.
  • Remove all court equipment from fences (liners, squeegees, etc.)

Should I take down my windscreen if a storm is coming? If so, what is the best removal strategy?

We recommend removing your windscreen if you have advanced notice of weather that will produce wind gusts above 40 mph. You can remove the screens entirely from your fence. Alternatively, if you have 9' windscreen, you can cut the ty-raps on the top and bottom of each screen, roll the screen to the middle of the fence and tie it off there with rope. If you have 6' windscreen, you can cut the ty-raps on the bottom and side of each screen, roll the screen to the top and tie it off there with rope. Either of these methods will make it easier to reinstall the screens after the storm has passed.