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Playmate Pickleball Machine



Features: * Dink Shot Capability * Fast Feed Rate * 5-Position Direction with Random * Durability and Toss Consistency * User-Friendly Controller * 2-Function Remote Control * Variable Electronic Height, Speed, Spin, Feed Rate Direction * Holds 150 Balls * 3-Year Limited Parts Warranty * Made in the USA


The Playmate Half Volley Portable Ball Machine is one of two offerings in the Playmate Portable Series - the only do-it-yourself (DIY) upgradeable, battery-powered ball machine in the world. The Playmate Half Volley has been redesigned to be light-weight, convenient to charge and easy to use. Standard features on the Playmate Half Volley include non-memory & removable battery-pack system (4-6hr), SMART Charger, 200 ball capacity, variable electronic ball speed and feed rate, variable topspin & backspin, commercial pitching wheels that pitch old or new balls, manual height control, integrated, sliding ball hopper, aircraft aluminum construction and 2-year limited warranty. 


*** Please note these machines are designed for individual and recreational use. The warranty is void if used in a club or academy environment ***